Keshet International Website

Client: Keshet Media Group

KI Mobile design

The Challenge

The site’s main objective is to clearly and optimally display the different TV formats offered by Keshet International. The site targets global audience, and therefore its messages should be very clear and call to action should be friendly and inviting.

Television is a rich and diverse platform. We were challenged to create a solution that would present the diversity and richness on one hand, while maintaining a serious business orientation on the other.

Concept & Design

Design work leaned on the assumption that it is required to enable a usage of images with different colors and styles, and that it should provide an optimal space to display the TV formats with minimum distractions. Therefore, we used neutral background colors, keeping the design theme clean and simple. Doing so helped us make the navigation and the important actions stand out and appealing, with a clear messaging and content presentation.

KI Brand is fluid and colorful, representing the dynamic and varying world of television. According to that, we have used various colors, applying a different look to each format and bringing warmth and joyful feeling to the site. Using this design method resulted in a well-balanced look, combining accurate use of images, clean and business-oriented lines and a colorful twist to suite the brand character.

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