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עיצוב אתר רספונסיבי - מרצדס ישראל

The luxury automotive brand Mercedes Benz is one of the strongest and most known brand worldwide. 130 years of heritage and history, technological innovation, style, luxury, status and the famous star logo engage the imagination of millions of drivers and fans around the world.

The 3 main goals of the project

1. Improvement of Call to Action and conversion rate to increase the number of leads from the website

2. Establishment of a broad and intelligent structure to enable management of large amounts of rich content, photographs and videos.

3. Creation of an interesting and innovating user experience which will strengthen the brand values, communicate the brand marketing messages and generate interest and attraction in potential customers.

A full and thorough characterization of the website was defined beforehand. The research included a comprehensive analysis of the field of luxury cars locally and worldwide, as well as a full analysis of the brand values and their perception (both globally and in relation to the Israeli public). In addition a deep measurement of the previous Mercedes website was performed in order to highlight improvement opportunities.

Local adaptation of the global brand

Mercedes global brand sets clear rules and a defined look. One of the challenges of the project was to create a balance between the need to work under the laws of the brand and its international visibility and the need to provide appropriate solutions to the Israeli audience in Hebrew. At the same time we had to upgrade the functionality, the user experience and the look of Mercedes Israel to innovative and up to date standards.


Before & After

Previous local Mercedes Benz website
The new Mercedes Benz website


Website Interface

The new Mercedes-Israel website is an extremely rich website including a very large amount of content and information - dozens of models, content pages, brand representive pages, special features and more. This broadened ramification needed a clear hierarchy structure, the creation of an elegant navigation interface, and a proper and balanced distribution of the website sections. 

Site navigation is performed using three navigation bars, each with the appropriate functionality according to its content. The main navigation bar is dedicated to the representative brand pages of Mercedes and its Israeli distributor (Colmobil). A second navigation menu is dedicated to the car models, and enables surfing through Mercedes different car classes.
Lastly, content sections such as the Magazine Gallery, are supported by a third navigation bar to allow a friendly and pleasant content navigation. In addition, special user interfaces and navigation tools were adapted for different website sections: timeline navigation; car simulator interface (choice of colors, RIMS etc). In parallel with the navigation between different pages, emphasis was placed on the Call to Action that accompanies users throughout the website and allows them to book a test drive.

Navigation menus

Call for action area for the homepage

Open sub categories of the main menu

Sub category models menu in an open main menu

Model outer color selecting menu

Call to Action

Visual style

For the new website we chose a clean and exclusive look, with attention to typography, extensive use of large and interesting pictures, representation of parameters through icons and Infographic, and a balanced and accurate mix of text and visual objects. The site adapts to the different screen sizes and its content changes its size and location according to the user's screen size.
Of course, a mobile version of the website was designed as well to allow an enjoyable experience on portable devices as well, with adaptation both on the design and on the technical side.

Full responsive design

Car Comparison module

Various icons

The making of

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