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Geo Tours is the No. 1 company in Israel for global quality tours. Over the past 30 years, the company became a nation-wide known brand in tourism, and is identified with innovation, quality, search for new boundaries and creativity.
As an integral part of the concept development and design of the company’s new visual identity, we created a comprehensive and extensive website, presenting the vast tour routs and options offered by the company.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)    
GeoTours’ website contains extensive content volume, divided into several categories and options. It requires cross-information, filtering and content suggestion, guiding the users through versatile and complex scenarios, while effectively triggering for action.
The main target user visiting the website is relatively mature (ages 50-70), therefore the navigation within the website was designed to be simple, clear and user friendly.

The website’s main concept is navigation using 3 parameters: Where, How and When.
Despite the fact that most tour companies’ websites focus on the tours’ destinations, we elected to add an option for navigation according to tours’ dates (departure dates) and tour type (organized, private, 4X4, women’s tours, etc.). This will enable the users to navigate and find the tour that is best suited for them, while revealing new ideas and options. The parameters may be interlinked, creating the un-parallel ability to reach the tour option best suited for each website visitor – by offering the possibility to define the tours’ destination, schedule, character and even the preferred Tour Guide. Call for action runs through the entire website, resulting in increased conversion rate and lead collection. User is provided with full and comprehensive information for each route and tour, and a quick, intuitive and simple communication feature is available for registration or inquiring regarding further information for the tour.
A quick tour search is also available from each page within the website, through a structured interface enabling filtering using fixed and simple parameters.


Website and interface design
Large and impressive images: Images are a key element in conveying a tours’ experience. We chose to extensively use pictures in the website, both as representing routes or destinations and as photo albums associated with them.
Icons: According to the brand language, the website offers multiple icons, identifying tour destination and various destination types.
Absorbing extensive amount of text: Within the pages where a large volume of information and text exists, we added sub-menus and internal navigation options – allowing the website visitors to easily navigate and find the information they seek for. 

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