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Poeti Hebrew typeface

Poetic typeface embodies the synergy and harmony created when the classic Hebrew structure, inspired by biblical origins, Jerusalem’s Old City Market and antiquated stores in Tel-Aviv meets contemporary lines and updated solutions, enriching its shape with a modern, young and refreshing dimension.  
This synergy of contrasts between new and old, Hebrew typographic origins, modern influences, classics and trend generates an eye-catching outcome which makes for a legible, pleasant and refreshing typeface.

Poetic typeface is suitable for a wide range of applications, and is well implemented both for display and headline typeface as well as as running text. It’s 3 styles (light, regular and bold) enable creating intriguing and multi-layered typographic blocks. The typeface interlinks well with many Latin typefaces.

Poetic typeface is an optimal typeface for online use also due to the hinting treatment it received, ensuring it will retain legibility and good visibility in all web browsers, which makes it an excellent choice for text in internet websites.
Poetic typeface is available for purchase on the Alef Alef Alef website.

גופן עברי פואטי
Poeti Hebrew typeface
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