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Rugby made its way to Israel during the days of the British Mandate and there has been an active rugby league in the country since the beginning of the 1970s. Since the 1980s, Israeli teams have been participating in international tournaments, showing continuous improvement and impressive achievements throughout. In preparation for the entrance of rugby in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, we were asked by the Israel Rugby Union to redesign their entire visual branding.

Goals, values and target audience

Despite its relative longevity in Israel, most Israelis are unfamiliar with rugby. There is little media coverage of the sport and it is swallowed within the small print of the sports section.
The main goal in the process of branding the union was raising awareness to the sport and to the various national teams and positioning rugby as an attractive sport; inviting people to join it.

The accompanying tagline is "There's Rugby in Israel".

Target Audiences

  1. Children and teenagers (with a focus on adolescents ages 13-15). The goal is to create a positive approach to rugby and a desire to experience it.
  2. Teenagers' parents – to reveal rugby before them, so that they develop a positive image regarding rugby.
  3. Adolescents from the peripheries with high athletic potential.
  4. The media
  5. The existing rugby community – current and past rugby players, judges, managers, volunteers and active parents. We are turning to this audience in order to raise the awareness and desire of rugby in Israel and to encourage people to volunteer and join in on the advancement and development of this sport.
  6. Sports fans.

Brand Values

  • Professionalism
  • Athletic and competitive excellence
  • National pride
  • Solidarity and friendship

The union represents the State of Israel and belongs to the International Rugby Board. Therefore, we will make use of a blue-white color palette associated with the national colors.

Logo Design

The inspiration for the logo design is taken from the blue stripes on the national flag, which create the three-dimensional shape of a rugby ball. In addition to the national message, the design emphasizes values of dynamism (the movement of the ball while in flight), innovativeness (the 3-D ball) team spirit (wrapped ribbon, unites and bonds)

Marketing Material and Visual Elements

Like all sports organizations, the visual branding of the union and the teams is reflected on many public components and must be acknowledged – national team uniforms, membership cards, judges' shirts, prizes, medals and certificates, tickets and more.

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