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Strauss Coffee has grown to become the fifth largest coffee company in the world. A widely recognized brand within the company's operations is Elite Coffee - a well known and beloved brand in Israel for decades. The "Elite Coffee for business” division was created in order to provide a coffee experience and solution for the business market: offices, hotels, kibbutzes, and event venues.

The Challenge
We teamed up with the Strauss Group in order to create a website which will provide a tool to increase online and offline sales of the company's product. This at a time when the company began marketing new products that appeal to a broad audience as well, not just business-oriented, such as espresso capsules and small coffee machines. At the same time Strauss began distributing its new products, its competitors began distributing similar products, which put the company in competition for the publics' taste and trust.
Parallel with the entry of new products intended for households consumers and small businesses, it was important to continue to strengthen the company's known products and services among the business and professional audience, such as specialized coffee machines.

Concept and Design
 Our point of departure for this project was to significantly strengthen the online draw of the website. This was done by highlighting methods of ordering and purchasing the products - purchase in the online store of products for a wide audience and small business (immediate sale of products through the site), and motivation for leaving contact details for the more complex and expensive products (gathering "leads").
The site allows obtaining full information on the different products, and is separated into the two type of products (purchased goods and products for large businesses). All pages of the site promote different products, depending on the page's content. prominent motivation for purchasing or providing contact information is visible next to every product on every page. All of the products images have been processed to match corporate branding thus creating uniformity among products and brand recognition.
The website is abundant with general information, and it contains video tutorials, glossary, and interesting details about the world of coffee. Beyond being an action motivating website, it also provides rich visuals and content that creates a pleasant user experience, both interesting and delicious.

Responsive Design
"Elite Coffee for business" is optimized for different screen resolutions, operating systems and various devices (responsive design). The website has a special version designed for smartphones, which allows convenient finger navigation on touch screens, immediate telephone contact with the company, and of course online purchasing.

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