Corporate identity for traveling agency  |  Client: Geographical Tours Barak Afik

Barak Afik is a tour company specializing in tours for closed groups and independent world travelers (FIT). After focusing its expertise on Latin American tours for years, the company has decided to expand its activities and market trips to the rest of the world.

Positioning and Strategy

Goals and Values
Branding is the milestone of a company's developmental process. Its goal is to reflect the company's attributes, solidified throughout the years through its activities. It is also important to alter the company's approach from one that focuses solely on Latin America to one that offers worldwide trips.

The emphasized attributes at the branding forefront are: professionalism, knowledge, experience, prestige and provision of an added value.

Target Audience
The company appeals to an upper-class audience, characterized by high demands and expectations of precise and quality solutions to its demands

Marketing Channels

The marketing is mainly based on closed activities and direct communication with the target audience. Maintaining existing customers is the company's main goal and new customers are reached by means of the existing customers' social and business circles ("marketing by word of mouth"). Aside from very specific cases, a decision was made to avoid standard advertisement (such as press releases, brochures and the like), and to put great weight on the notion of image and branding.


Solidifying a Concept and Design Strategies

Logo Design
The company logo emphasizes the strengths and attributes of its activities. The honey-sucker is characterized by its navigating and orienteering skills and knows to suck the choicest and hidden sap from flowers. The typography accompanying the honey-sucker is designed in serif font and portrays prestige and class.

Logo Design
Website Design
Graphic elements and backgrounds
Business Cards design - back & front
Business Cards - back
Rollup stand design
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