Branding the first ecologic office building in Tel-Aviv  |  Client: Azouri Bros.

The Azouri EcoTower is an office building located in Tel Aviv. The tower abides by the strictest green standards including those of the American Leed standard ("Gold" level).

The tower integrates advanced technological systems for monitoring and conserving energy, recycling materials and reducing air pollution. The tower's construction and ongoing maintenance are in accordance with environmental principles and environmental awareness is instilled in its tenants.

Background and principles

The project is geared towards large and leading Israeli and international companies with branches in Israel. Generally, the relevant contacts in companies of this sort are in senior positions including CEOs and procurement managers.

The main component differentiating this building from other office buildings is the ecological construction.
"Green" exteriors have become very prevalent amongst many companies who only visually wrap themselves up in an ecologic package. This is how great suspicion and cynicism has surfaced regarding the subject which is oftentimes perceived as a "trend".

This eco tower is not "trendy" but truly and professionally utilizes environmentally-friendly technologies and abides by green conduct.

The project's main marketing messages focus on the advantages and positive economic significance of green construction:

  1. Green construction yields significant economic savings in all energy-expending regards.
  2. Green construction indicates long-term planning and thought processes.
  3. Working in an ecologic structure tremendously improves quality of life, thereby, enhancing the tenants' concentration and work production.
  4. There is a perceptional value for companies who actually apply green conduct and work patterns. The project's accompanying tagline is, "A Green Business Community".


Solidifying a concept and design strategy

Logo Design
The project logo combines natural elements – a droplet, leaf and earthy tones, alongside a clean typography exuding seriousness and stability.

This logo was displayed at the "Designed in Israel 4" exhibition at the Design Museum Holon (2011)

Logo Design
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