Waxman - Office Furniture

Branding Process

Waxman Office Furniture was established as a chair manufacturer in the 1970s. Since then, the company has developed and expanded into the realm of office furniture; as a manufacturer and a distributor of imported office furniture brands.

The branding was designed to reflect the company's attributes and the changes it has made throughout the years. Waxman is not just a local manufacturer but also markets office furniture at a high international level. Its high design and quality standards appeal to the leading architects and interior designers in the field.

Positioning and Strategy

The first goal was to change the way Waxman Office Furniture is perceived amongst its various target audiences. Most of the emphasis was placed on appealing to interior designers and architects who became the company's main target audience. The company's branding required invigoration and innovativeness to reflect the atmosphere and processes that occurred in practice: a newer and more youthful managerial spirit (a new generation of managers replacing the one that established the company), an expansion of activities surrounding all-inclusive solutions in designing office spaces and waiting rooms, a representation of leading international companies and an emphasis on high-ended furniture design. Simultaneously, it was essential to maintain the company's history and the reputation it built throughout the years and to differentiate between the approach taken with the veteran target audiences in the field of arm chairs, auditoriums and institutional clients.

The main values representing the company, as surfaced throughout the project are: innovativeness, internationality, stability, inspiration, design and confidence.

The characterization process and strategic planning were prepared simultaneously with the company's annual and perennial marketing plans. As a result, the target audience was defined by four groups:

  • Leaders in the office furniture field, with an emphasis on interior designers and architects
  • Procurement managers and decision-makers in large business establishments
  • Municipal and governmental organizations entrusted with creating vestibules, auditoriums and lecture halls
  • The general public who purchases Waxman products in stores including Office Depot and the like.

Each one of the target audiences received a suitable approach and designated design, all under the company's main design umbrella. The accompanying tagline chosen for the company is "Inspire Your Office"

Logo design
Website design

Solidifying a Concept and Design Strategy

Logo Design

The logo lies on clean typography, designed following the individual treatment of each letter. The tagline, "Inspire Your Offfice" seals the logo and appears in its prevalent version. There are also secondary versions of the logo in which the tagline does not appear.

The main design strategy is a clean line, placing the company name at center stage, alluding to confidence and stability.
The use of the English language in the logo and in some of the marketing material was designed for strengthening the brand's international image. English was also used to speak directly to the main target audience (architects and designers) and to speak in the language used in European furniture companies. The color pallete suggests restraint, confidence and class and the use of clean and precise typography creates a strong, sturdy source on which to lean in the international strategy.

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