Advertising campaign  |  Client: Human Scale

Human Scale is a leading ergonomics company in the United States. On the one hand, the company's products are characterized by their high functionality levels and on the other, by their chair brands which integrate advanced technology mechanisms for continuous body motion while adapting to the contour and weight of a person's body. Thus, maintaining the body's vitality and dynamism.

We chose to use international choreographer Ohad Naharin as the campaign's presentor. This is because we found a surprising and simultaneously precise parallel between the product and Naharin. The combination of Naharin's creativity and movement and the chair, perceived as a generally static and boring object, successfully relays the important messages and values distinguishing the product: dynamism, precision, flexibility, weight division and the highest performance levels.

Photography by Kfir Ziv, KZTLV.

קמפיין אוהד נהרין

Choosing Naharin to participate in the campaign was natural and necessary. These two seemingly different worlds are essentially very similar. Ohad Naharin represents a healthy, natural and an uncompromisingly superior and creative body

Michal Waxman, CEO of the official distributor in Israel
קמפיין אוהד נהרין
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