A Memorial Website for Sgt. Major Ron Lavie  | 


Sgt. Major Ron Lavie was killed in 2002 during an operation in the Gaza Strip. His family wanted to create a website that tells the story of his life and the incident in which he found his death.

Concept and Structure

The creation of a memorial website is a sensitive and complicated challenge. Our goal was to avoid clichés and familiar patterns on the subject since this topic has many very clear and common characteristics. Combining the desire to display the subject in a novel and interesting fashion while maintaining restraint and explicit language, was the challenge that stood before us in creating the site.

We chose to place Ron's life in center stage – the music he loved, which was so important to him and his pictures. 

We dedicated some of the introduction to video clips of the bands and singers he loved and which served as a bridge between him and his older brother Udi.

Visitors to the site can light a virtual candle in memory of Ron and write a few words near the candle.

Another part is dedicated to media news items about what occurred during the incident in which he was killed and eulogies and poems written in his memory.

Light a Candle feature design
Music page design
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