Video and IPhone Application  |  Client: KH - United Israel Appeal (Keren Hayesod)

The United Israel Appeal is the Jewish Agency's worldwide (the US excluded) fundraising branch. The fund produces events in Jewish communities and is interested in turning to the younger generation and calling upon it to participate in the fund's events and activities.

The UIA's target audience is Jewish youth the world over; people who are usually looking to connect with fellow Jews for networking and business purposes and can find what they are looking for at the fund's events.

The messages the UIA wishes to relay are that the events are Jewish meeting places and that the fund wishes to shirk the "old fashioned", archaic and outdated image attributed to it by youth.

The video presents a demonstration of an IPhone app called JewPS, throughout which it is understood that many Jews meet at United Israel Appeal events.

The video leads to a landing page, which explains that while the application still hasn't spread, you can still meet your Jewish partner at the next UIA event.




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