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The museum typeface emerged from the necessity of finding a Hebrew typeface to match the Latin Slab-Serif types. Many typographers define these typefaces as a modern, sub-version of serif typefaces and they are characterized by short and prominent square labeling.

In the past years, this category of typefaces blossomed worldwide and has been widely used in design, advertising, and digital media. We felt the growing need to provide a Hebrew option to this typeface category, especially since we were asked to combine Hebrew and English in projects we designed.

We didn't attempt to switch the Latin typefaces into Hebrew or to stick to the original Latin forms, but rather to present a formation of Hebrew letters that can be integrated in the Latin typeface; standing alongside it and exuding unity. The Hebrew typographic guidelines are different than the Latin ones, and Hebrew letters are more inflexible and characterized by their square shape. The challenge was expressing the Slab-types without forcing unbefitting constraints or shapeliness onto the Hebrew letters.

Museum Hebrew Typeface
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