Gala event concept and identity  |  Client: Hillel Israel

Hillel is an international organization consisting of 500 branches worldwide. The organization is run on campuses and its members are Jewish students and youth.

Hillel's goal is to encourage and revive Jewish identity.

Hillel has existed in Israel since the 1950s and has eight branches on the country's main campuses. The organization focuses on social, community and educational activities carrying out the Jewish spirit.

The Israeli branch subsists on contributions from Israel and the world and is supported by the world umbrella organization.

In 2011, the organization decided to hold it first-ever fundraising event in Israel.
We were asked to solidify a concept for the event and to design all the necessary event-production elements. The event included artistic performances and a cocktail party. The guest list included senior industry and economic executives, Knesset Members, students and youngsters.

Solidifying a Concept and Design Strategies

The name chosen for the event was, "Hilleluyah". This is a play on words combining the name of the organization and the word Hallelujah; alluding to celebration. We chose to relay a celebratory and joyful message, inviting youth and students to buy tickets to the event.

The graphic strategy consists of shapes resembling a, "hamsa" (a hand shaped amulet used for protection by both Jewish and Muslim people). They are strong and rich in color and in a composition which creates feelings of motion.

Logo design

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