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Branding Luxury Tour Agency  |  Client: IDB Group

Lord Taylor of the IDB Group is an exclusive, small boutique company with expertise in organizing prestigious and quality worldwide tours for groups and individuals. The company creates "tailor-made" trips in accordance with its clients' precise needs, personally suited and at the highest standards.

Positioning and Strategy

A critical element in the company's insertion in the market, was positioning it on the highest end of the tour company market.
The company appeals to an upper-class audience, consisting of ordinary people with very high standards who are punctilious in their demands. They have already traveled to various destinations and are uninterested in a standard tour. The most important factor in their vacation choice is time: their availability and the intelligent and maximal utilization of their vacation time.

The company's main values, as surfaced throughout the process are: prestige, knowledge, experience, excellence, experiential and uniqueness. The marketing message is that the company is a type of exclusive club, whose members understand the value of quality and enjoy personal treatment in accordance with their needs and characters.

Solidifying a Concept and Design Strategy

The concept chosen was developing the figure of Lord Taylor – a fictitious character who we brought to life and within whom we instilled social values. He is an adventurous British Naval officer, who explores cultures and who traveled throughout the exotic world in the 19th century. In his position, we will enjoy the ability to reach far-off and intriguing destinations, while he is surrounded by assistants and belongs to the prestigious officers' club.

Logo Design

The logo consists of a shadow of the Lord's figure on a graphic element background. This corresponds with symbols of nobility and when accompanied by the chosen classic typography, creates a feeling of prestige, precision and elegance. The use of shadows makes the logo memorable and very identifiable. It also allows for its usage as a distinctly identifiable element on its own – similar to many prestigious and well-known brands around the world.

Logo Design for Lord-Taylor
Website Design for Lord-Taylor

Graphic Elements and Design

The design components included graphic symbols associated with tours, like the wind rose which also makes reference to European nobility. A special emphasis was placed on quality photographs in a large format, making the unique character of the trips and personal service, prominent.

Memo pad design
Suitcase tag design, Passport case design
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