Poeti typeface


Poetic typeface combiens classic Hebrew structure with contemporary lines enriching its shape with a modern, young and refreshing dimension.

Museum - Hebrew typeface


Museum is a Hebrew typeface, matching the Slab-Serif latin style.

BeeSerif - Hebrew Typeface

Bee Serif

An award  winning typeface in the recent Communication arts Typography annual 2012, This fresh Hebrew typeface design sets out to demonstrate the possibility of a serif typeface that looks current and up-to-date. 

Socialism - Hebrew Typeface


Inspired by typographic elements in Hebrew Socialist posters from the 1940's, the font was created as part of a branding campaign for a law office specializing in labor laws, social security and workers’ rights.

RoniBe - Hebrew Typeface

Roni Be

Roni Be, designed for text paragraphs, titles and display. The typeface combines classic hebrew structure and curved lines.